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Griffin Technology Elan Passport

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Apple iPhone Griffin Technology Elan Passport

Product Description

The Griffin Elan Passport opens to reveal the Multi-Touch display, then closes like a book for privacy and protection. Elan Passport's microsuede lining protects your iPad from scratches and smudges. Held shut by a tab closure, inner cover includes pockets for ID and more.


  • Slim, one-piece folio
  • Opens like a book, flips closed to protect
  • Inner cover includes card pockets, tab closure to secure cover when closed
  • Soft gray microsuede interior

User Ratings & Opinions

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13 total ratings
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62% rated Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5
23% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5
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8% rated Score 1/5
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Star Star Star Star Star Great Folio Case
User: Daniel Huang, Jun 17, 2010
Pros: Looks professional, clean design
Cons: Cant easily access the rotation lock and part of one speaker is blocked
This is one of the few cases that allows me to also have my Incipio Feather Light case on at the same time.

I case looks very professional and grips well in my hand. I like how the four corners are held in by straps as oppoesd to having to slide/shove the iPad into a narrow slot. This allows me to quickly insert and remove the iPad from the case as well as not become a dust trap which a lot of other cases (eg. the Apple iPad case) are known for.
Star Star Star Star Star Great case
User: J B, Apr 16, 2010
Love this case for the iPad. It looks very professional and keeps it protected great.
Star Star Star Star Star Exactly what Ive been looking for
User: Rick Jeffries, Dec 11, 2010
Pros: Proffessional look, business card holder/ CC slot, slot for notes/paper
Cons: Elastic bands that hold iPad in wont last long
This is the perfect case for me. A nice leather bound with grey microfiber lining. 3 or 4 slots for business cards etc and a slot for stashing a few notes and paper. I took one star off because Griffin misses a out on a useful feature. The closure tab that folds over shosld have a plastic insert sewn in .. if so the tab could be folded over while open and act as a support to view/type on the iPad.

As the previous reviewer mentioned .. I am able to keep the ater-market protective shell on the iPad and it still fits in the Passport.

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