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iKlenz Cleaner Solution

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Apple iPhone iKlenz Cleaner Solution

Product Description

The average person will use "cleaning" materials such as a shirt, windex, or even hot breath that is potentially damaging and most of the time useless in removing smudges, smears and fingerprints.

This solution is a scientifically engineered cleansing formula designed to restore shine, remove fingerprints, repel dust and leave most Apple iPhone streak-free. iKlenz also works as a disinfectant to destroy harmful bacteria and kill contagious germs, while addressing the safety and care of the Apple iPhone high quality optical glass display.

This cleansing solution is easy to use, just spray up to five times directly on the microfiber cloth, included (not directly on the device) in one specific spot until noticeably damp then wipe the screen with moderate to light pressure. You will notice the solution evaporating rather quickly. Once clean, flip the cloth over to the dry side and wipe gently to polish.

The microfiber cloth is hand washable and can be reused many times. Just clean with warm water and use a mild bleach-free detergent, rinse throughly, and air dry. This kit also includes a soft microfiber case to keep most Apple iPhone clean and scratch free.

This solution is a powerful, effective way to cleanse, remove smudges, fingerprints, bacteria, and grime while restoring your display to a brilliant shine.

NOTE: Please read enclosed instructions before using this product.

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Star Star Star Star Star This product really work
User: Bill E, Jun 13, 2011
Pros: really clean my screen and protect it from dust
Cons: -
I really love this screen cleaner for my g2 cell. Every time i used it my screen look new again. im planning to get some more
Star Star Star Star Star Ikleaz Cleaner
User: Melissa Waits, Mar 18, 2011
I love this product does a great job cleaning your phone screen.
Star Star Star Star Star Just in time for the iPad
User: Thomas M, Apr 8, 2010
Works in one application! Like the higher quality microfiber cloth. Actually the cloth alone works nice, but when you add the solution that really, really makes it look new, especially after touching and swiping all day. Liked the added microfiber case thats great for travel too.

This is a must for anyone with an iPad or iPhone I wouldnt just use anything on a touch display. Get iKlenz here or some good cleaner from the Apple store.
Star Star Star Star Star WAS UP
User: ERIC PAMP, Feb 28, 2009
Star Star Star Star Star Good Stuff
User: Nicholas Marzolino, Dec 7, 2011
A bit on the expensive side but it works very well. I would buy another bottle.
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