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iLuv Casual Fabric iPad Case with Band Clip

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Apple iPhone iLuv Casual Fabric iPad Case with Band Clip

Product Description

The iLuv Casual Fabric Case with Band Clip is a great way to protect your Apple iPad all while looking cool at the same time! The iLuv Casual Fabric Case comes with Band Clip and features an interior lined with a plush, soft fabric, keeping most Apple iPhone scratch free and fingerprint free.

A Band Clip closure keeps your iPad safely inside and secures it for safe storage. Keep your iPad just like new with iLuv Casual Fabric Case.


  • Smooth to the touch! Definitive fit for maximum protection
  • Fashionable and dazzling design for your new Apple iPad
  • Fabric cover just snaps right over your Apple iPad
  • Give your Apple iPad a customized look while providing protection
  • Reduce wear and tear to your Apple iPad while enhancing its look
  • Defend from scratches, dust or anything else that comes into contact with your Apple iPad
  • Dimensions: 10 x 8.5 x 1.1 inches 

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