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Incipio Destroyer Case

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Apple iPhone Incipio Destroyer Case

Product Description

Protect most Apple iPhone from the harshest of elements with the ultra-rugged, intensely-durable DESTROYER by Incipio. Made of only the finest of materials, most Apple iPhone will stay secured no matter what kind of beating it's subjected to. With three unique layers to ensure against dings, drops, and scratches, the DESTROYER takes rugged protection to the next level.

The first layer of protection is a soft, waffle-pattern core made of hypoallergenic, high-density silicone. This silicone core provides top-notch shock-absorbing protection, while the waffle-pattern design grips the outer shell, ensuring a tight, form-fitting hold.

The silicone core will grip most Apple iPhone, encasing it in a soft yet durable shield. Installing this initial layer is a breeze, as the silicone simply slides over and grips the corners and sides of most Apple iPhone. This soft silicone lining is a must for multi-layer protection, as the delicate inner mechanics of the Apple iPhone are protected by the superior shock-absorbing protection of the silicone.

The second layer of protection is the outer hard shell that encases the silicone core and most Apple iPhone in a rigid frame to deflect scratches or hard drops. The shell is made of impact-resistant, military-spec, glass-reinforced nylon, which is stronger and lighter than steel. Openings for the dock cable and sleep/wake switch maintain functionality, while cutouts for the speakers and headphone jack ensure accessibility for a fully functional, protected experience.

The final layer of protection are the two reinforcing side rails. Made of the same material as the glass-reinforced nylon hard shell frame, the side rails provide additional structural support for the Apple iPhone, as well as acting as a means to lock the case down. Four screws at each corner secure Apple iPhone within the case until you are ready to remove it.

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