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iPad 4th gen Chargers & Cables

Chargers provide a more permanent second site solution for charging your iPad 4th gen.  Commonly bought as an office charger some come with a docking station and or spare battery charger. Meanwhile since they are compact and lightweight iPad 4th gen charging cables provide a low overhead solution for charging your iPad 4th gen on the road or in the office.

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So what are the different iPad 4th gen charger and cables? Find out more

iPad 4th gen Charges and Cables


A typical cable is 3 feet long and the most convienient ones come with a self winding mechanism to protect against the dreaded cable tangle.  All offer both sync and charging capability.  They are also much cheaper than most other charging or synching solutions such wall chargers or complete charging 'stations' or docks.  They all limited to about 500mA of charging power and so will take at least 2 hours to fully charge your iPad 4th gen unless your computer has a special usb charging function.

iPad 4th gen Wall Chargers

These are larger and heavier than cables and tend to live permanently in a wall socket at home or in the office.  They do provide a much quicker charging cycle due to their typical 1.5 Amp+ output and can fully charge a iPad 4th gen in an hour or less. Look for one with dual charging ports for extra convienience for little or no extra bulk.

iPad 4th gen Car Chargers

Car chargers are very useful because they live permanaently in your car and may obviate the need for a second wall charger depending on your commute time.  Car chargers can provide the same charging power as a wall charger depending on the model and so can recharge your iPad 4th gen very quickly.  Some products offer both a wall charger and car charger package which is cheaper than buying both separately although they may share a single cable.

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