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Plantronics BackBeat 903 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

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Apple iPhone Plantronics BackBeat 903 Stereo Bluetooth Headset
NameBackBeat 903 Stereo
Sales Rank#1
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Product Description

The Plantronics BackBeat 903 Wireless Headphones feature Altec Lansing sound technology for rich, full-spectrum stereo music and dual-mic AudioIQ noisecanceling technology for exceptional call clarity.

The Plantronics BackBeat Headphones let you enhance your music using the bass-boost feature or conveniently hear your surroundings with a quick tap of the OpenMic button.

Adjustable and flexible for all-day wearing comfort, the headphones quickly fold up and slip into your pocket or bag.


  • Altec Lansing sound technology for Hi-Def music
  • Dual-Mic Audio IQ Noise Canceling for Clear Calls
  • Bass-Boost feature enriches Stereo Sound
  • OpenMic button brings in the outside world
  • 3-way adjustment for a comfortable, stable fit
  • Flexible design quickly folds up for storage

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Star Star Star Star Star backbeat 903 stereo
User: farshad m, Feb 5, 2012
Pros: backbeat 903 stereo
Cons: backbeat 903 stereo
It,s really comfortable and light.
Star Star Star Star Star An Excellent Choice
User: Randy Thomson, Jan 25, 2012
Pros: Comfortable, once properly adjusted. No dropouts. Good quality sound.
Cons: None
My son recommended the BackBeat 903, and he was spot on. The sound quality is excellent, at least for my old ears. Using it with my Veer, located in my right pocket, I only experienced slight dropouts if I completely covered the phone with my hand. Very convenient when working out. With my TP, it worked well in a different room, about 30 feet away.
Star Star Star Star Star Awesome!
User: Dave Bowen, Jun 13, 2011
Pros: great sound, very comfortable & good battery life
Cons: Seem to have to Disconnect & Unpair a lot. Not sure if its the phone or the headphones
Bought these to listen to Sirius/XM app on my phone. They battery last about 7-8 hours (Awesome) and charge up very quickly. Very comfortable and most of the time forget they are even there. I use them everyday and all day long. Ive had some issues with the conectivity but Im not sure if its the phone or the headphones. I highly recommend these and once I wear this set out I will buy another set.
Star Star Star Star Star Does what it says it does, well!
User: Randy Brooks, Apr 8, 2010
Pros: Loud and Clear sound, comfortable and secure on head, Good Battery life, Easy setup, fast bluetooth sync, highly adjustable
Cons: Requires the charger to do a hard reset, back cord will sometimes hit the users collar causing the earpieces to move and give the feeling that the headphones are slipping off.
Love these! Work better than I thought they would. They are very comfortable and stay secure even during long runs and sweating. I also appreciate the fact that I can still hear everything around me and still have good loud audio quality from the headphones. Half of the time I forget Im not listening to speakers since I can still hear the clacking keys of my computer, and make out clearly the audiobook Im listening to on the headphones.
These are just simply spectacular. Only downsides are that I had them fail to turn on once. They paired with my Pre, but wouldnt adjust volume or play. Took them home, held the power button as I plugged it in and everything was good. You are screwed though if you want to reboot the headphones on the go. Kind of stinks you need the charger to reboot. Also, initially the cord on the back was a little slacky and would hit my collar. Not a huge deal, but the sensation of having the earpieces move because the cord was being bumped, made me feel the headphones where falling off. An adjustable back cord would be nice.
Either way, I say these are worth the money, and a top notch peripheral for the palm pre.
Star Star Star Star Star The Best
User: Robert Ramolete, Jan 30, 2010
Pros: Good Fit, Amazing Sound, better than the apple wired set
Cons: Ring tones should be heard in the headset
I tried a set of Motorola S9 HD that was probably made in China. The sound was "tinny" compared to this Backbeat 903. I really love the way the music is played back on this headset and the fit is good and comfortable. It seals the outside ambient sounds. I cant understand why others are complaining about this as I have no problems with my set. It would seem to me that this headset sounds just as good if not better than the Apple wired set that comes with the iPhone. I woulld strongly recommend this headset over the S9 HD. A friend of mine did buy the Motorola Rokkor S9 HD and the seller claimed this was 100 authentic. The only problem with that headset was the phone dont even ring any sound when paired with the iPhone. He dont like the idea because he has programmed all his ring tones to identify his callers. As for the Plantronics Backbeat 903, The ring tones come through the iPhone and tones are heard in the headset when you have an incomming call. Still, all in all, the Altec Lansing speaker System in the Plantronics Backbeat 903 is definitely no. 1 in my book regaurdless what the ratings are otherwise. Everybody, BUY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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