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Qmadix USB Dual Mobile Charging Hub 2.1 & 2.1 Amp

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Price: $39.95
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Apple iPhone Qmadix USB Dual Mobile Charging Hub 2.1 & 2.1 Amp

Product Description

The USB Dual Mobile Charging Hub 2.1 & 2.1 Amp gives you maximum power on the go when charging most Apple iPhone. The USB charging hub allows you to charge two different devices in your vehicle simultaneously.


  • Dual USB charging hubs for multiple devices
  • Allows you to charge 2 different energy demanding devices
  • Sonically sealed, rugged polycarbonate
  • Advanced smart circuitry to prevent overheating & overcharging
  • Each port offers 10W (2.1 amps) for quick mobile charging


  • Car Charger
  • One Apple USB cable


Please Note: Additional USB cables are sold separately.

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Star Star Star Star Star The Perfect Charger
User: Brandon Trey, Jul 23, 2012
This is the perfect charger! I travel a lot, and constantly work on the go. After reading the other reviewers comment, I was a bit concerned about the amp load on the car since Im always driving with the AC blasting (gets super hot in Southern Calif.), Navigation, and occasionally XM radio. Figured, whats the harm in trying it? I was tired of having two separate chargers and switching them out between charging my phone or my iPad, since the iPad and my Android have two different connectors, which is a pain because I always need both.

Now I never have to debate what gets to charge first. Personally I like to keep my car free of clutter, especially since I drive clients. Now I I dont have to have two chargers in my car, and it looks super clean.
Star Star Star Star Star Not for Samsung Galaxy
User: mark rodriguez, Jan 6, 2012
Pros: Dual USB ports at 2.1Amps
Cons: Cable does not fit in Samsung Galaxy tab, its for an iPad
With the tab display on, gps running and music playing, the charger can not keep up with the battery. The difference is small, but over time you would have to turn off the display to keep the tablet alive.

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